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Recent Entries 
27th-Sep-2030 04:03 am - SemiFriendliness ♥♡♥
Welcome to a really rarely updated LJ due to the laziness of its owner XD

♥♥  嵐  .  TOKIO  .  Hey!Say!JUMP  ♥♥
♥♥  Matsuura Aya  .  Yoshizawa Hitomi  ♥♥

What you'll find here would be mainly :
  • my rant
  • random thoughts/writing
  • story about my boring life
  • spazz / fangirling

I write in both Indonesian and English, depending on my mood. ^^;;

If you want to add me and we have anything in common, please leave a comment here.
I will certainly add you back~


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16th-Sep-2020 03:48 am - TCG Trade Requests
This is for those who prefer to trade using LJ~

All of the cards are in http://tcg.koeriq.net

Please use this form:

Name :

Website :

TCG Series :

Card(s) you want :

Card(s) you'll trade :

Comments, questions, etc.:

I'll answer as soon as possible...^^
3rd-May-2020 01:28 pm - Feedback
Please comment here for feedback on my service and please state wether it is "Positive" or "Negative".

Thank you! ^^
23rd-Nov-2009 10:51 am - There are 3 CSI!
I'm helping ladysakurai with her weekly dose of Criminal Minds and CSIs and Supernatural until the site that we all love is back to normal XD

So, here are the latest CSI, CSI:NY and CSI:Miami. Need to look through my HD for CM cos I forgot where did I put it LOL

Do NOT Repost~ ^o^
20th-Nov-2009 06:49 pm - My first ever pic spam! ROFL
Pic Spam of some of my unofficial pics of ARASHI XDDD

I got them like *thinking* 5 or 6 years ago but never really got the chance to scan them until now when I finally got my own scanner LOL
Here ya go~!^o^

24th-Aug-2009 08:43 pm - amnosNET
So...some of the Arashi fans (if not all) nowadays might get everything about our Stormy boys easily. But, back in my newbie days around 6 years ago, you can't really get any information on them just like that (not to mention how sucky Johnnys-net back then). However, there was one fansite of Arashi that has EVERYTHING on them and become the source for the fans all over the world...

Yup, it's http://amnos.net

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Arashi, the owner decided to re-open and re-vamping the site. However, she still doesn't really know what she'll do with the site  (FYI, it used to have updated information, review, report, etc on Arashi). So, if any of you have any idea and wanted to help, let us (esp. Adrimarie formerly known as Eri) know, k? ^o^  Psstt...back in the day, the guys (esp. this one particular guy) used to be a frequent visitors of the site and said they trully loved it!

What are you waiting for? If you have any ideas, just leave a comment on Adriatastic or her LJ.

Help us bring back amnosNET!! WOOHOOOOO~~~~~ 
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